When we first encountered FruTons, they had nothing but a product concept and a name. Because their product was still under development, they desired a creative agency that offered a variety of services (research, packaging design, web development, etc.) and had the ability to envision the final product – a healthy crouton snack made from fruit bread. In addition, since their goal was to have FruTons accepted at multiple retail locations, they knew they needed very strong branding given the crowded snack category. With international retailer Whole Foods as their number 1 pick, a company with a history of successful product placements was a must. After researching available options, FruTons selected Zoo Cre8ive because we met each of their criteria.


Services utilized

  • User Research
  • Market Research
  • Branding and Identity
  • Packaging Design
  • Visual Design
  • Photography
  • Content Management System

Instant Impact

Just 5 months after our first introduction to FruTons, we gave them what they needed to be accepted into Whole Foods: strong branding, strategic positioning and solid coaching based upon our past experience and whopping 100% success rate with retail product placements.

Creating an Identity

ZOO's plan for branding FruTons was to develop a unique identity that would command attention on store shelves. We first researched competitors at various supermarkets – assessing areas such as shelf placement, package design, and messaging. We then combined this knowledge with our goal to convey the smoothness of fruit, the crunchiness of croutons, healthy snacking, and a modern but classic image that would be memorable and identifiable. When we presented the client with a bold, 2-toned logo in purple and green, it fit so closely with his unspoken vision that, with only a few tweaks, it became the final design.

Confirming the Concepts With Consumers

After the branding and messaging are developed, it’s important to test them with target consumers to gauge their response to product flavor, price point and packaging, as well as the message – is it understandable, believable and memorable? Conducting the research takes time, but it helps avoid costly errors. ZOO worked with FruTons to gather this information via surveys and product sampling events in five cities across America. The research provided actionable information that not only determined which flavors to develop, but also confirmed the package design and branding.

Positioning for Success ZOO has successfully placed new products at several major retailers, including Wal-Mart, Kroger, Whole Foods, Ahold and Winn Dixie, so we know the drill. Since 99% of grocery buyers are reluctant to dedicate shelf space to new products, a well-differentiated product is key. Based upon earlier research and the final product profile, we positioned FruTons as a versatile, convenient product that not only could be eaten out of the bag as a snack, but also used as a condiment for salad, ice cream or yogurt. We created tailored packets and presentations for each retailer and helped prep the client for the questions that would come from buyers.

What's Next?

Strong branding, actionable information and unique positioning combined to pave the way for FruTons’ entry to Whole Foods. ZOO will now work with FruTons on conducting in-store promotions that produce a positive ROI, and on a controlled growth strategy that maximizes the prospect of long-term success.

Website development

To extend the product’s vibrant personality to the website, we wanted to strut some very cool and cutting edge programming. HTML 5 & jquery, in combination with our powerful WebpanL system produced a site with brains to match its beauty. The client can modify virtually any part of the site in an instant, build an HTML email campaign or analyze performance - all from the same dashboard.

  • - HTML 5
  • - Ajax
  • - WebpanL
  • - Twitter feed

They Say…

"ZOO knew what we wanted before we did; it was amazing. And I'm convinced that we would not have made it into Whole Foods without them – certainly not as quickly as they did it!"